PBS Releases Mini-Documentary on Indie Gaming

Fresh off of Indie Game: The Movie hitting Netflix instant streaming, PBS has released a seven and a half minute video on Youtube covering indie game development as part of their Off Book series. It covers the benefits and downsides of being completely independent versus having corporate funding from big companies like Sony and Microsoft. Kickstarter and other crowd-funding options are discussed, as are some of the strange thoughts an indie game creator is faced with during the course of development – like just what something should sound like that doesn’t exist in real life.

There’s also a section covering some of the more compelling storylines in indie gaming, and how games have struggled to form compelling relationships between the player and a game’s characters. The video has a slew of well-known indie games covered from both bigger and smaller studios, including Journey, Bastion, Super Meat Boy, Terraria, Minecraft, Osmos, and Passage.