Watch: First Dream Raiders Footage

The past week, Sega has been teasing to release footage of their latest arcade game “Dream Raiders” if its Facebook page received 100 likes. After 94 likes, they decided to release it anyway (it’s a sad state of affairs when an arcade game can’t reach an already low bar for new gameplay footage). The trailer shows off snippets from the game’s nine stages, which involve domineering different rides through dreams, including a UFO, horse, dragon and more. While the graphics aren’t anything mind-blowing, it looks to me one of the more unique arcade games to come along in a while with a plot somewhat reminiscent of the film Dreamscape.

The sit-down, full motion cab features support for 2 players, a 55″ inch LCD, wind blowers, force feedback dual blasters, seat-mounted subwoofer and a color-changing LED marquee. Check out the trailer, picture of the cab and some screenshots below.