Animal Crossing: Jump Out Detailed at Nintendo Direct

It’s been awhile, but Nintendo has just released a plethora of new information on the next Animal Crossing game. Named Jump Out, Satoru Iwata (President of Nintendo) gave us a never-before-seen glimpse at the game during a Nintendo Direct presentation, showing off plenty of new features.

After Iwata introduces the game, he gives it over to four other people (developers) who give us a run down on the game for the next 45 minutes. As it was all in Japanese, no exact translation exists at the moment, but we’ve compiled a list of notable features that were seen during the show:

  • The world moves around much like in Animal Crossing: City folk for Wii where you see it move more in a way if you go around a┬ácircular object, instead of looking like a flat surface that scrolls.
  • A somewhat new feature in the series is you’re able to become Mayor of your city and propose various things like new bridges, fire hydrants, light posts and even hedges. This feature previously existed only in the Japanese version on the Gamecube, through the use of those E-reader cards, but was called Decorator mode. The same stuff applies, but for everyone else, it’s something new to them.
  • The new Megaphone item lets you talk or scream into your 3DS’ speaker to communicate with the townsfolk by saying their names.
  • For multiplay with other Animal Crossing owners, you are taken to an island where you play mini games with each other. The co-op has you and your partners finding fruit. You’ll also be able to trade medals to one another, to trade for goods in the local shop. There’s also mini games with only what looks like Wrack a nut being shown.
  • For the first time you can swim! By donning a swimsuit, you can swim in the lakes, rivers and even the ocean as you dive down to catch various wild life.
  • With the 3DS’ Streetpass, you can travel to the town of anyone you connect to with a copy of the game. There you can harvest any fruit you find or chop down trees. Don’t worry: nothing you do will have an effect on their side, so go town — their town.
  • The Sound Director shows off the different themes that will play during the various times of day, such as at 5:00 PM shows the Evening theme, 7:00 PM gives us its Night theme, and 3:00 AM will have its own Late Night theme.
  • K. K. Slider performs in a club now, and also acts as the new DJ K. K. Slider, while cranking out remixed Nintendo hits, which you can take back to your home and play them whenever you want.
  • And much, much more…

Animals Crossing: Jump Out is slated for a November 8th release in Japan, along with a 3DS LL Bundle, while Europe and the US have to wait until next year for a release date. There will be a Physical and a Digital release, much like with New Super Mario Bros. 2, with the Digital edition having some perks over the Physical.