Crazy Taxi Coming to iOS

If you wanna make some CRAZY MONEY on the go while listening to the Offspring, you’re about to get your chance. Crazy Taxi’s coming to iOS at some point in October with at least one of its original songs intact as the teaser features “All I Want”. It’s a shame that they re-licensed an Offspring song for the iOS release and not THE HD RERELEASE ON CONSOLES, but maybe that’s something they can patch in if they licensed the track for more than just the iOS version. The insanely fast action of the game should…interesting to see on a touch device. Hopefully controller support is made available for it, or else the best version of Crazy Taxi for out and about gamers may still be the PSP’s Fare Wars, which beyond being playable on the Vita and being $5 recently on the PSN Store, allows you to add in the original soundtrack in mp3 format and seamlessly integrate them in the game.