Innovative ibb and obb Gravitating Towards PSN

A cooperative puzzle-platform game, it should come as no suprise that ibb and obb was originally known as “Brothers”. After all, elements in the game are designed for two, from solving puzzles to defeating enemies. There’s a constant need for teamwork throughout the game’s five worlds of three levels. As players progress, the world transitions from a colorful, inviting atmosphere into something a bit darker — reflected in tranquil music composed by Kettel.

The entire world is influenced by two directions of gravity, changing the way puzzles must be solved. Loners out there need not worry (so long as they have two thumbs), as the entire game can be played solo, with each character being controlled separately with both analog sticks. Sounds like it’d be easier to improve your social skills and find a friend, though.

ibb and obb is shaping up to be an innovative platformer with a relaxing design style. Currently set for a spring 2013 PSN release on PS3, developer Sparpweed would like to bring it to Vita if it sells well. Even though the game is nearly completed, it was decided to push it until next year to avoid AAA holiday competition and to add online multiplayer. An multiplayer-based game without online capabilities? What is this, 2011?

Head over to the official site for more and check out the debut trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog