Spec Out Borderlands 2’s Upcoming Mechromancer

If you haven’t had enough of Borderlands 2 yet, which we happened to enjoy, then you’re probably awaiting the next piece of downloadable content. Everyone who pre-ordered the game was given a code for the Premiere Club which offered an additional golden key and access to Gaige, the upcoming playable character class, absolutely free of charge. To be released on October 16th, and priced at $9.99 (800 Microsoft points) for any non-premiere members, you don’t have to wait until then to spec-out the spunky young girl as Gearbox has released her skill tree to the masses.

According to the skill tree, the mechromancer class will have more skills to obtain than any other class, so min and max appropriately. Being able to summon her giant mechanical friend, D374-TPm, Gaige will certainly be a happy new addition into the Borderlands fiction. Only more Borderlands 2 downloadable content will follow and hopefully they will be as cheerful as this.