Fable: The Journey Launch Trailer

Just as we post our review, Lionhead Studios has released a launch trailer to their long awaited Fable: The Journey. On store shelves today, this potential cannon iteration into the Fable universe tells a magical story fifty years after the events of Fable III. Of course, like all past Fable games, you have the blood of a hero in you, so you’re tasked with saving the world from evi oncel again. Take control of this partially on-rails adventure today, exclusively for the Kinect hardware.

I have to say, it’s actually refreshing to see a trailer that coincides with a game’s release. Now a days, you usually see the trailer a week or so prior to its launch, making it feel a lot less special and meaningful. Regardless, Fable: The Journey is one of the better Kinect experience that shouldn’t be taken lightly.