Meet The Tribe in Far Cry 3

There’s more to Far Cry 3 than just a psychopathic mad man. This time around, Ubisoft introduces Citra and Dennis, two popular┬álocals on the Rook Islands. If you don’t know already, Citra is Vaas’ sister, so there’s a bit of a sibling rivalry feuding here. Dennis on the other hand, we don’t really get to know much about other than that he is skilled with a knife and can sneak up on you when you’re sleeping (so keep one eye open). In any case, the two share a common goal with the protagonist of this tale: they want to put an end to Vaas’ tyranny.

This is one of the few trailers so far that actually gives a brief look at the beliefs and culture of the people on the islands. Being a man who loves his mythology, just hearing the fictional tale of how the island was formed is something I applaud the developers for taking the time to come up with. Hopefully this open world title will be as creative as these trailers make it out to be.