Double Fine Discounts Many Games

If you’re a fan of Double Fine’s games like Brutal Legend, Psychonauts, Stacking, and Costume Quest, but have some holes in your collection, now’s the time to patch those up. Brutal Legend is down to $10, while a signed copy will set you back $20.  Costume Quest is 600 points, Psychonauts is half-off and will only cost you $5 if you missed its recent bundle appearance. The soundtrack is also half off.

Stacking and Iron Brigade are both 50% off on XBLA, bringing the former down to 600 points and the latter to 400. Double Fine Happy Action Theater only costs 400 points as well, and gives those searching for some inexpensive Kinect fun (like myself) something to be excited about. While a lot of the games included here are older, this is still a great way to get some excellent games for relatively little money.