Online Retailers: Stop Using Bubble Mailers to Ship Limited Edition Games

I totally forgot I snagged Code of Princess during one of Newegg’s many sales, so was excited when it showed up at my door. Unfortunately, they’ve once again disappointed me with how they ship LEs. Both The Last Story and Code of Princess came all bent and dinged up, and many people on CAG had that same issue because THEY SHIPPED A DELICATE ITEM IN A BUBBLE MAILER. Using a mailer for a basic game is fine – the copy of the DMC Collection I ordered from them came in one and it was undamaged — but shipping an item covered in paper in one of them is just absurd.

I could accept it if it was an ebay purchase — I wouldn’t be happy about it, but I also don’t expect someone shipping something out of their homes to have the same standards as a professional company in that regard. For a company that specializes in shipping items, and mainly delicate items like computer components and other electronics, it’s absurd. The hard drive I ordered from them a week ago came in a nice, big box with tons of bubble packets to prevent damage, but this? Nope. It ARRIVES TO MY HOUSE TORN. It honestly looks like something you would expect to find on ebay a decade after the release with all the damage, and that simply isn’t acceptable for something that was pre-ordered and expected to arrive in pristine condition. And whoever made the call to put strong tape on a paper product should be shot out of a cannon. That crap tore up my Ric Flair DVD nine years ago, but I let that slide because it at least had Flair and Steamboat chopping the hell out of each other. This won’t have that — unless it’s a really awesome Easter egg. Maybe there’s a +10 figure four leglock in the game. I doubt it, but it would be really awesome.

I captured a quick video showcasing the packaging below. Sorry for the low volume, but the mic on my camcorder sucks. Also, I’m terrible with handheld shooting and I’m not sure where my tripod is. I suppose I could’ve looked for it, but I felt like ranting now, and may not have felt like doing so after a little while.