Lost Planet 3 Has a Snowy Presence at NYCC

As New York Comic Con opens its doors today, a new batch of  gameplay footage from upcoming games have been released. Today, Capcom is showing off a gameplay walkthrough for Lost Planet 3 which looks an awful like a specific shooter. Mechanical and snow-based environments, action-based QTEs (mainly aiming while you’re being dragged or held down) and ugly-ass monsters; this certainly resembles a space-driven shooter by the name of Dead Space.

It’s not really a surprise as my initial impressions on the game at E3 this year were just that. This gameplay walkthrough looks intriguing as combat involves both on-foot and mech-based firefights and cinematics which have a surprising amount of emotion behind the animations (at least for the main character). Lost Planet 3 from Spark Unlimited and Capcom is scheduled to be released sometime next year for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PC.