Clan of Champions Coming to Steam October 30th

NIS America has today announced that multiplayer action game Clan of Champions will be making its way to Steam on October 30th. Unlike many NIS games,  it looks to be a hardcore action game with nary an anime sprite in sight. While the game is playable solo, emphasis is on Multiplayer, which features 3 player co-op or a 3-vs-3 battle mode.

One of the biggest features of the game is its “10 min cycle” game flow. Players begin in Mission Preparation, where stats can be checked, equipment changed and skills allocated. A mission will then be selected, with new ones being unlocked one after another. Battle, the most important aspect, comes next where players complete various objectives to win. A reward for each mission will follow and the opportunity will be given to claim items encountered during the mission. It seems to be a fast and fun set-up that encourages bite-sized gaming sessions while ideally being addictive enough to lead to whole nights of “O.K, just one more mission”.

Besides the game flow, another interesting aspect is the “Free Equipment” system. Items can be picked up that enemies dropped to the ground, while enemies can do the same with your gear. It’s so extreme that players can actually completely switch equipment during a battle. Check out a quick video showing off this system below.

Clan of Champions is certainly a hardcore action game. Its drab environments, advanced menus and deep battle systems aren’t going to be screaming at casual players for a purchase, but the initiated could find much to appreciate when Clan of Champions makes its debut later this month. A PSN release is to follow, but no release date has been set. Check back for a review later this month.