The Pigs are Back in Town

Those dastardly swine from the Angry Birds series now have their own spin-off game and they’re craftier than ever. In Bad Piggies, instead of going straight for eggs. you’re on a mission to collect pieces of a map. To do so, you must construct various modes of transportation. Upon download you will be allowed to play through over 90 levels with more on the way.

In each level there are three goals to complete for a perfect score. Getting the pig across the finish line where the map piece is will always be one of the goals. The other two may vary; either beating a certain time, grabbing a star block, or not using a certain item in your contraption. Throughout some levels are skulls of deceased pigs. Collecting them all will unlock a bonus stage to have some fun in. It’s already one of the fastest selling game apps and it’s a lot of fun. Don’t believe us? Maybe you will when pigs fly.

The first set of levels are ground based. Your hog gets to roam the open roads (well, they’re not too open but you get to drive). Take a couple boxes, add some wheels, and strap the pig in before you go rolling downhill to the finish line. After unlocking a few more stages, more objects can be added to your vehicle like a spring, fan, and/or box of TNT. It doesn’t matter how you decide to build it as long as you get to the goal. The next series of levels are up in the air — literally. You have all the same goals but get to fly, float and launch yourself to the finish. The pigs are literally flying! Use balloons and even airplane pieces to carry your piggy. This is the more difficult of the two sets of levels that have been released; every item has a certain weight and will alter your aircraft’s direction by even the slightest adjustment.

More creative than Angry Birds in conception and gameplay, Bad Piggies is worth the dollar. We’re given true freedom to explore stages (if we can figure out how to get there). It may be fun to fling birds, but more rewarding to fill all three stars after building a friggin’ car. More sympathy can finally be felt for these pigs; the amount of labor and cost of building airplanes takes away from their families. After all, they just want some eggs to feed their starving piglets, but with this game’s royalties, maybe they won’t need them.