Coastal Amusements Bringing Sea Wolf 55 to Arcades

A redux of 1976’s Sea Wolf was released in 2008 that turned the game into a “redemption” game, letting players blast away battleships from a submarine periscope to win fake mustaches and mustache combs. It must have proved a success, as a slight update “Sea Wolf: The Next Mission” was released in 2010 and another version, Sea Wolf 55, will soon be make its way to arcades.

Sea Wolf 55 comes packaged in a very attractive cab, complete with red warning lights, glowing green orbs, a fake stamped steel hull and a whopping 55″ LCD screen. Additionally, the game now features a machine gun to shoot down attacking planes for those who desire more action.

Check out a picture of the cab below, or a full flyer here.

Source: Arcade Heroes