Puzzler World XL Brings 1,800 Puzzle Games to 3DS

UFO interactive is bringing Puzzler World XL to DSiware (3DS and DSi for those of you behind the curb) on October 18th. Packed with a whopping 1,800 puzzle-based mini-games, there should be something for everyone. Games include Sudoku, Wordsearch, Jigsaw, Missing Piece, Crossword, Picture Quiz and 1,794 more. We’d try to list them all, but…no.

There will also be a challenge mode where bonus games (yes, bonus games) can be played for rewards and Master Mode for players who “really want to put their skills to the test” (whatever that means). Additionally, there will be “Handwriting Recognition”, which is yet to be detailed, but will train the game to recognize player handwriting.

I’m very curious to see what the quality of 1,800 games will be — especially when they are actual full mini-games and not WarioWare-esque snippets. Puzzler World XL will retail for $7.99 (800 points), making each game just shy of $0.005 a piece. Check back soon for our review.