A Massively Mega Omega

It was revealed in an interview at New York Comic Con that Mass Effect 3 will be getting more downloadable content this November. Omega is a single-player expansion that continues the plot line of the Invasion prequel comics. The player will work with Aria T’Loak and a new female Turian character on a mission to take back control of the Omega space station from Cerberus General Petrovsky.

This new content is larger than the previously released expansion and will even feature new enemies. Apparently, the Omega story was supposed to be part of the actual game and not to be released separate. With a $15.00 price tag, the largest, most expensive expansion to the series may or may not be worth it. It seems they’re trying to squeeze out as much as our money as possible. It would have been nice if EA and BioWare quickened the process to include Omega in the trilogy, as they’re being released only a couple of weeks apart. We’ll still check out the new content; it’s Mass Effect, after all.