Wreck-It Ralph: A Potential Smash Hit

Disney’s upcoming animated adventure, Wreck-It Ralph, will receive a nationwide release on November 2. It stars Ralph, a typical arcade era video game villain as he searches for a new role in life. This is news we all have already known. However, in new news, Wreck-It Ralph will be coming out with an actual game for the Nintendo DS, 3DS and Wii systems.

The game will pick up from where the movie left off. Ralph and former arch rival, Fix-It Felix, partner together to save their friends from an invasion of Cy-Bugs. You take control of Ralph to smash objects and clear paths while switching to Felix in order to repair and build new things. Some levels will feature areas of the “Wreck-It Ralph” world that may not have appeared in the film, while gameplay will be reminiscent of classic, arcade side-scrollers which gives older gamers a reason to play with their kids.

Since this is an exclusive Disney/Nintendo title, two premiere brands of family entertainment, it could very well be a wonderful game. Films that have been turned to games have a long history of being terrible and rushed but Wreck-It Ralph has one thing going for it— it’s already a video game, at least in the movie, giving it more potential than other film properites. The game comes out only a few days before the movie, giving audiences more to look forward to. Only time will tell if Wreck-It Ralph smashes box office records and gaming sales.