Plants vs Zombies Teams with ADA to “Stop Zombie Mouth”

Those with kids or young enough to remember their childhood know how awesome Halloween is. Going door to door getting candy for free? Just typing that makes me want to don a Optimus Prime mask and hit the ‘burbs. Those same people, however, likely also remember the dreaded post-Halloween sugar crash and lethargy that hit the next morning. As Halloween is all about fun, and handing out apples and religious coloring books is no fun, what is a candy-passer-outer to do? Plants and Zombies of course.

PopCap games is teaming with the ADA this Halloween to encourage kids to drop the candy and pick up a controller. Thousands of packs of Plants vs Zombies themed trading cards will be sent out to dentists everywhere free-of-charge to hand out to their young patinets, as well as other promotional material to go around the office (which we’ve snapped a quick picture of below). If that weren’t enough, anyone can download coupons with a code for a free copy of the game on PC or Mac to hand out to trick-or-treaters. Finally, something other than candy we won’t feel guilty passing out (unless every house decides to do the same thing).

Using a gaming franchise that’s massively-popular with kids is a great way to encourage positive habits. As they’re giving away the promoted game for free, PopCap really doesn’t seem like they have much to gain here besides well-deserved positive PR. Hopefully this campaign proves effective as keeping Halloween fun while crushing an unhealthy habit with the power of gaming is a movement we can get behind.

Check out the official “Stop Zombie Mouth” website for more and print the free coupons here.