Agent York Is Back and On The PS3!

Deadly Premonition launched in 2010 and was exclusive to the Xbox 360 outside of Japan. It was probably one of the weirdest, most out of the ordinary games released this generation that didn’t necessarily play all that well. You can clearly tell the game was budgeted, but you could also see that the developers used that budget to have a whole lot of fun. Deadly Premonition was, in my opinion, a fantastically awkward experience that had a good story with goofy dialogue and was well worth the twenty bucks it launched at.

Well no longer will the game stay dead for much longer as Rising Star is looking to publish a director’s cut of Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro’s cult hit sometime in the first quarter of 2013. Exclusive to the Playstation 3 this time around, the game will include updated visuals, an altered control scheme and an additional scenario to extend the story. I’m more concerned how they will update the combat as the stiff and crappy controls were actually a part of its charm. No price point was announced, but you probably can assume it will be priced accordingly to the original.

Also, for a fun fact, Deadly Premonition holds the Guinness World Record for Most Critically Polarizing Survival-Horror Game.