Black Ops 2 “Launch” Trailer Comes Far Too Early

OK, this is becoming silly; launch trailers are meant for when the game is actually on store shelves. While not properly scheduled, releasing a launch trailer a week or so early is still acceptable. Activision, however, has said screw it and unleashed a launch trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Granted, this is a really a well produced trailer, but it’s four weeks away from release! There is no good reason to put this out now other than to generate more hype for the game, and even then, make a different trailer.

It’s October 16th and the game will be out November 13th. We have a slew of new games to worry about until then, so save yourself, Activision. Then again, this could be an internal celebration at Treyarch¬†where they have wrapped up development and the discs are being printed as we speak.