Dead Space 3 LE Offers the Most Useless Extras

Do you remember when Dead Space 2 was released and all the first run copies (actually pretty much all copies) of the PS3 version came with Dead Space: Extraction? Now that was how to generate pre-orders for your game. EA Games will continue this trend as they have announced that if you pre-order Dead Space 3, you will be automatically upgraded to the Limited Edition which will include two costumes and two weapons: The Witness and First Contact suits, and the Evangelizer and Negotiator guns.

Even though this is technically the standard game, as limited edition branding goes, this is by far the worst. There’s nothing of value in here; maybe the weapons are overpowered, but the costumes butt-ugly. Who looks at this and thinks “maybe I should go out and pre-order Dead Space 3 to ensure I get these awesome extras”?┬áIs this really what you consider to be a good limited edition, Electronic Arts? It’s a marketing technique that needs to stop or be used properly.