Playing Dress Up in Hitman: Absolution

The Hitman series is well known for its dress-up parties as Agent 47 enjoys taking the clothes off the unconscious and the dead to blend in. This is a feature that will not change in Hitman: Absolution as ensuring that you don’t arouse suspicion is a key part to any assassin’s daily life. While we’ve seen some demonstrations of this in the past from trailers and gameplay snippets, Square Enix has decided to showoff all the goofy ways you can disguise yourself.

Do you want to dress up in full samurai gear? How about a scarecrow or a judge? Well Hitman: Absolution has the option. There’s nothing like slipping by your enemies in the craziest costume possible, only to takedown your target who is none the wiser. These are just some of the different disguises you can put on, with the rest to be revealed when the game ships on November 20th.