Indie Gala X Now Available

If you’re in the mood for some period-piece gaming before Assassin’s Creed III hits, Indie Gala X might just be the bundle for you.Pay whatever you’d like to get the Godzilla-esque Omegalodon, the Western movie-themed Praetorians along with Lead and Gold, the (shockingly) Roman-themed Rome and Gold, Knights of Honor, Majesty 2, Elven Legacy 2, East India Company, and Hearts of Iron II: Complete.

Anyone who pays more than about $6 will get bonuses that unlock next week, including two games and an album that haven’t been announced yet. Whatever you spend on this bundle goes to support the Italian Red Cross and Able Gamers. Everything but Omegalodon and Praetorians unlocks on Steam.

This bundle doesn’t exactly scream must-buy to me, although Omegalodon is tempting, but if you’re into games with a very time-specific theme, or elves, you’ll probably like at least something here. If nothing here interests you, make sure to check back next week when the bonus games are known.