Joe Madureira Leaves Vigil Games

One thing that made Darksiders one of the most memorable franchises this generation was its art style. While it wasn’t the most technically advanced game out there, the art was able to capture such a dark world in a bright and colorful light. Unfortunately, creative director and studio co-founder, Joe Madureira, has announced his departure from Vigil Games today via Facebook.

“Farewell and best wishes to all my brothers and sisters at Vigil Games! After 7 long years and 2 hit games, I’m afraid the time has come for me to move on to new adventures. I could not be more proud of what we achieved, or the awesome people who helped build up this studio. I can safely say Vigil’s future is in very good hands, so expect only awesomeness down the road. This feels surreal…I miss the place already.”

This is a strange time for the video game industry as we’ve seen so many creative minds leave their positions in pursuit of something different. With this though, I don’t think Darksiders will ever be the same. We wish Madureira the best in his future endeavours.