Steam’s Spooktacular Halloween Sale Begins

Steam’s preparing for Wednesday’s costumed festivities by discounting over 80 fright-filled titles. There are 33 featured games on sale, with the most notable being Prototype 2 at $20, while Dead Island costs $10, Limbo is a mere $2.50, Plants vs. Zombies GOTY is $2.50, Alice: Madness Returns is $5, as is Zombie Driver, Dead Rising 2 is $7.50 as is Costume Quest, and They Bleed Pixels will only set you back $3.39 and the complete version with the soundtrack only costs $4.41.

In addition, 58 ‘Halloween’ games are being discounted, including Painkiller: the Complete Pack for $7.50, Atom Zombie Smasher for $2.50, Burn Zombie Burn! and All Zombies Must Die! for $3.39 each, the Adventures of Shuggy and Rock of Ages for $2.50 each, Hell Yeah! for $7.50, Cave Story+ for $6.69, Tales From Space: MUTANT BLOBS ATTACK for $4, and a double pack of Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII for a mere dollar. This sale makes PvZ a must-buy on PC, while They Bleed Pixels’ complete edition will have to join my library as well at such a low price.