Persona 4 Arena Release in Europe “No Longer Possible” in 2012

While U.S and Japanese gamers have been enjoying the fighting action of Persona 4 Arena since August and July, respectively, European gamers have been left in the dark. An FAQ posted on the official Facebook page in September in response to the situation stated:

“We are waiting for confirmation as to when the EU version will be complete. Once we take delivery of the EU build – we can project what the likely release date will be. It’s at this point we will update everyone.

Unfortunately, as we are not directly involved with the development of the game, we do not have any further information about its progress – or when the EU build will be complete. When we do have that information, it will be passed on to you.”

And in response to the question “Is the game coming out this year?”:

“We would very much like it to. Unfortunately, until we have the EU build in our hands, we cannot give you a clear picture of the specific release date – hence why we have not made a formal announcement. We are looking to clarify this point as soon as possible.”

As two more months passed by, Europeans began to worry about the seemingly non-existant release. Unfortunately, it came to a head today with the European team confirming on Facebook that “…with that being the case, a 2012 release for Persona 4 Arena is now no longer possible.” 

It’s lamentable that a game already released for three months in U.S. in the necessary language could face such a struggle to find a release. Sadly, P4 Arena is region locked in both regions, meaning that Europeans will be unable to experience the game until (and if) the situation is rectified.