Angry Birds Star Wars: Merchandising, Merchandising!

While Angry Birds Star Wars isn’t out until tomorrow, retailers everywhere have a jump on their virtual competition as Hasbro has teamed up with Rovio to release a line of Angry Birds Star Wars toys. We caught a display of them at a store today and snapped the picture above. The toys mainly include “Battle Games”, where little plastic Star Wars themed Angry Birds are flicked at Star Wars-inspired structures (like Tatooine, Jabba’s Palace and Hoth) to knock down little plastic Star Wars themed pigs. Isn’t that more fun than virtual bird slingshotting?

We couldn’t resist picking up a “booster pack” of sorts that includes two random figures just shy of $5. The “Han Frozen in Carbonite Bird” is exclusive to these sets and is the most rare figure to find. Suffice to say, we stood around awkwardly feeling the packs until we found one with something flat and sqaure in it. Surprisingly, not too hard when every other character is rotund.

Check out some pictures below and make sure to head out to your local store to support Angry Birds Star Wars, as merchandising is where the real money of a mobile game is made. Angry Birds the T-Shirt, Angry Birds the Coloring Book, Angry Birds the Lunch Box, Angry Birds the Breakfast Cereal and Angry Birds the FLAME THROWER. Alright, maybe that last one isn’t real…yet.