Games Successfully Sway Children Away from Candy

A few weeks ago, we posted about PopCap teaming with the ADA to give away free copies of Plants vs Zombies in lieu of candy. It was a neat promotion that was realistic about possible alternatives to candy. We’re happy to announce today that the campaign was a smashing success, with the game being downloaded by trick or treaters more than 250,000 times in the week following Halloween. It’s so successful, infact, that the deadline to redeem the game has been extended to November 13th, 2012 to help meet the demand.

It’s great to see video games play a part in encouraging good health for the youngins. So long as nobody used the free codes as an excuse not to buy candy to pass out, the campaign sounds like it was a win-win for everybody.

To prove Halloween is not just about free candy and more for the experience, a survey PopCap conducted found that 89% of kids surveyed would still like Halloween if it weren’t about candy, with 93% saying they would rather have a free video game than candy.

And you thought you were addicted to gaming.