Obtaining ‘Absolute Power’ in DMC

Quite possibly the shortest developer diary we’ve seen, the absolute power video spans less than two minutes long and mainly centers on two voice actors who tell the story of their antagonistic characters. Unfortunately, there’s no Andy Serkis to be found but we do get to know a little bit more about Lilith and Mundus, two corrupt evil doers straight out of hell. It’s up to the young, spry Dante to take them down and save the world from certain doom.

This is the first of many developer diaries until the game is released mid-January, which if you haven’t been keeping track, is only two more months away. While some so-called-fans are still up in arms over the drastically new look for our former white-haired demon hunter, Ninja Theory is spinning a new yarn of creativity that should keep gamers who love hacking up their enemies happy. Until it’s released, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 users will be able to play the demo for DmC on November 20th and 21st.