Watch: Surreal Tank! Tank! Tank! “Tank Boys” Trailer

At this point, we know exactly what Tank! Tank! Tank! has to offer. If the title wasn’t enough, anyone who’s viewed a minute of gameplay (or played briefly at E3) know exactly what to expect when the game comes out later this month: tanks, tanks and….more tanks blowing @#!^ up. Namco Bandai have clearly realized this, so have shifted the marketing to a more ridiculous level.

In the latest trailer, a mock talk show called “Tank! Tank! Tank! Review! Review! Review! Show! Show! Show!” (complete with coffee cups) is featured where two real-life humans Frank “the pretty one” and Hank “the tough one” (tough enough to get blown away by his own biceps) go over various tanks and weapons included in the game. The men wear plastic tank/missle hats and bright racing suits as they mainly take personal shots at each other. It’s reminiscent of one of those awful ’90s kid’s game/reality shows in all the right ways. Check it out below before we ruin too much. The good news? It ends with “the pretty one” saying to “tune in next week”. Oh, you better believe it.