Sonic’s Racer on Wii U Looks To Topple The Rest

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed may be coming out on pretty much every system under the sun, but the definitive experience seems to be the Wii U version. Sega has released a trailer for the upcoming racer, showing off the Wii U tablet’s functionality. These include motion controls via tilting, five-player split screen, exclusive multiplayer modes, and lastly, it’ll be one of the few games at launch that’ll support streaming gameplay to the 6″ gamepad.

Ultimately though, if you’re planning on playing this solo through a television, the secondary screen will act as a map, position identifier and powerup video tracker. The map itself is probably the best function as I have always thought that games such as Hitman and even Need for Speed (especially the latest Most Wanted) would highly benefitĀ from something like this.