Snag the Retro City Rampage OST on Vinyl

It’s no secret that I love vinyl. As I have over 50o LPs ranging from the ’60s to last week, when an album gets a limited edition release on wax, suffice to say I get giddy. A game soundtrack on vinyl? Now that’s just plain amazing. While some of our youngest readers may scoff at buying a release on a “dead format” (even though 90% of new releases are getting the vinyl treatment) that your grandpa used to listen to (you could learn a thing or two from that curmudgeon), having the awesome ’80s inspired artwork on a giant piece of cardboard may be worth it alone.

The self-published release comes in a limited run of 500 units, 200 of which were printed on green and blue and are now sold out. Unfortunately, it comes at a steep price, as even with the current 25% discount, the vinyl runs a whopping $32.99 CAD plus about $10 shipping to the United States. Overpriced as it may be (and it certainly is), it should still prove a tempting offer to fans of both vinyl collecting and Retro City Rampage — also known as the most narrow group of people possible.