Tank! Tank! Tank! “Tank Boys” Start a Dealership

Last week, we joined the Tank Boys on the set of their talk show about Tank! Tank! Tank! (among other weirdly interesting things). Apparently the boys have since lost their talk show (if it can happen to Nate Berkus, it can happen to two guys wearing spandex and tank hats) and have taken to the glamorous world of selling used killing machines. Of course, no used car (or in this case, tank) salesman can be complete without a bolo tie and texas accent, so Hank made sure to have it covered.

To help sell you on their lightly-used, low-mileage tanks, weaponry such as plasma bolts, machine guns, mega beams and the colossus missile are touted as being optional extras and of course helpful ways to blow up friends in Tank! Tank! Tank!.

Somebody give these guys a sitcom.