They Got Him: Ron Gilbert is a Brony.

First it was just little girls into My Little Pony; then it was a select group of adults; soon adults who formed conventions; then Andrew W.K; now? Game developers. That’s right, Ron Gilbert. As seen in the tweet below, Gilbert has admitted to his brony-prowess:

The man known for such classic adventure games as Manic Mansion and Monkey Island is addicted to the game so much that he’s willing to risk playing it around sketchy people on trains. Clearly, this is all Tim Schafer’s fault. Before Gilbert signed up with Double Fine, we nary heard a peep about rainbow-colored ponies. Now he’s tweeting about it. For shame, Tim Schafer. For shame.

Still, a panel with Gilbert and Andrew W.K. at Canterlot Gardens would be epic. Maybe it’s not so bad, after all.