Chasing Aurora Launching with Wii U

Developed by Austria’s Broken Rules, Chasing Aurora is a 2D aerial action game about the dream of flight. Players take control of a bird and ride wind from peak to peak fighting for “Aurora’s Gems”. While a single player mode is included, it’s primarily a multiplayer game with three different game modes based on classic children’s games. The main draw to the game are the beautiful and relaxing vector and pixel based art style that recalls origami and pop-up books. Rounding out the package is a soothing soundtrack recorded by Christof Dienz.

The game will officially launch on Sunday on the eShop (talk about short notice) for $14.99. It may be the perfect indie game to counterbalance all of the big name titles launching with the console.

Check out a snippet of the developers playing the game below to get a better idea of the gameplay and some screenshots below: