Companion Cube Blues? Try a Portal 2 Inflatable Personality Core

Portal 2 may have come out over a year ago, but it’s not too late to finally own your own Personality Core. Avaliable at ThinkGeek for $24.99 each, the cores come in two flavors: Wheatley or Spaaaaaaaaaace. Unfortunately for Stephen Merchant lovers, they don’t have the ability to speak, but due to being just 12″ and lightweight, are perfect candidates for being hung from hilarious places.

The bad news is that according to ThinkGeek, “We don’t want to be alarming, but someone told us that if you buy an Inflatable Personality Core that you’ll die.” Disconcerting as that may be, we think the risk of no longer existing is worth a PVC vinyl Wheatley.

Head over to ThinkGeek to pick one up and make sure to browse the surprising amount of other Portal merchandise available while there.