Bundled Copies of Nintendo Land Don’t Include Club Nintendo Code

Upon opening our retail Wii Us today, we were impressed by the fact that a sealed copy of Nintendo Land, case and all, was included in the box. Often, console pack-ins tend to come with the game in a flimsy cardboard sleeve, so it seemed impressive on Nintendo’s part to include packaging that can proudly be displayed on a shelf amongst other Wii U titles. Unfortunately, that¬†profuseness sooned turned to disappointment when we realized that they didn’t include Club Nintendo PIN codes.

After checking around, we found that no copies of Nintendo Land included in the deluxe edition included a Club Nintendo code. While this may seem insignificant, the fact that didn’t Nintendo didn’t want to include a chance to redeem a measly few coins for those loyal enough to buy the best version of their console at launch is annoying. Yes, it may be just a few coins, but for Nintendo loyal who snatch up every product, it forbids them from registering the game unless they buy another copy at retail.

It’s simply another little agitation in a day full of little agitations.