Uncharted Card Game Game “Fight for Fortune” Coming Soon

There’s about to be a whole lot of people who have Uncharted: Golden Abyss. While anybody that has a Vita should already have the game, as it’s one of the best titles for the system both graphically and in sheer scale, being available as a free download for PS + Users should expand the userbase tenfold. That being said, if a tie-in game must be released, now is probably the time to do it.

On December 4th, Bend Studios in cooperation with One Loop games will released Uncharted : Fight for Fortune. Retailing at just $4.99, Fight for Fortune is an action adventure card game featuring “Faction Cards” featuring characters from the entire Uncharted universe. Two players create teams of these cards, which can be equipped with resource and fortune cards to enhance their stats.

While the gameplay could prove addicting, the main draw to the game is the fact that the artifacts found in Golden Abyss play a large role in building factions. Trophies will be available in the game and those undecided can check out a free demo available soon.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog