“Asteroids” Movie Moves Forward

Yeah, that Asteroids; the classic Atari arcade game is receiving its own feature film. While there is no set date or any teasers yet, a variety of major magazines have confirmed a new writer has been hired. Jez Butterworth, an English playwright, climbed aboard to give the script a rewrite. Last year his play Jerusalem was nominated for a Tony Award, so the guy knows a thing or two about writing. You might know the name of a film he worked on called The Last Legion. No, you don’t? The movie came out in 2007 and lost about 40 million dollars; hopefully something that won’t turn into a pattern with his more commercial projects.

Will Jez Butterworth’s experience be enough to handle the pressure of translating an iconic video game into a film? We hope it won’t be another Battleship. However, asteroids are in space and anything in space is automatically cooler. Maybe it’ll give the Splinter Cell film a run for its quarters. Hopefully the graphics are better than they were in 1979. Ready for a really bad, yet almost expected, pun? He butter be worth it.