PS Store Update With Vita Freebies is Now Available

Ever since the announcement of PS+ for Vita and its version of the Instant Game Collection to kick off its launch on the system, people have been waiting anxiously. Some have passed the time by buying new memory cards for the system, others have wanted to do that but sworn at their high prices. I’ve spent the time preparing by cleaning out the clutter from my Vita memory card. Even though I have the 32 GB one, I’ve had the system since launch and have tons of PSP classics on it like the Sega Genesis and Capcom collections. Luckily, the 2.0 firmware update allowed me to delete Vita game data while backing up the saves to the cloud.

However, with space being such a premium on the platform – to the point where if you have physical copies, it’s probably best to keep them even if the ‘free’ game is tempting due to the cost of memory cards making whatever savings you’d get keeping the free one minimal. Given that, here’s how much space you can expect to have to free up to get everything on one card.  JSR will take up 1.1 GB, Wipeout 2048 uses 1.6 gigs, while Uncharted: Golden Abyss takes up 3.2 GB, Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack uses 127 MB of storage, and the PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics takes up 205 MB. All told, you’re looking at needing over six gigs of space free for all of the freebies. Fortunately, if space is hard to come by, you can just set them up to download, cancel them, save the space, and most importantly, save their status as being purchased on your account so if you get a bigger card, you won’t be out of luck.