Eurocom Hit with Layoffs; Switches to Mobile

While most people are happy-go-lucky gamers, those who are on the development side of things are undoubtedly going through a tough time. Through the year, many developers were hit with significant layoffs, some even shutting the doors completely, but now here’s another company that’s forced to refocus in order to survive. Gamesindustry has reported that Eurocom will be laying off most of their staff, resulting a team that’s just under 50, and will be focusing on the mobile side of gaming.

Eurocom is a veteran studio that, while isn’t known for their AAA titles, contributed greatly to licensed franchises such as 007 James Bond, the Olympics, and a variety of other film adaptations. While we weren’t too pleased with what they did with 007 Legends, they still filled a void that now another must take its place. We wish the developers who were laid off the best of luck bouncing back.