Photo Kano Headed to PS Vita

The original Photo Kano had quite possibly the most alluring plot ever. Released last year for PSP, the game involved taking pictures of your female classmates in hopes of finding a girlfriend before the big dance school festival. It was finally a way to take pictures of every girl you meet without pretending to be a modeling scout — not to mention a pretty decent game.

Good news for those who only want to play the latest hardware, as an updated version is being released for PS Vita this spring. Dubbed “Photo Kano Kiss”, the game will feature improved graphics and gameplay, while also taking advantage of the touchscreen and motion sensor (very fitting considering the photography nature of the game).

Like almost all games involving Japanese school girls, it probably won’t make its way to the U.S., but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth import consideration when more information (including pricing) is released.

Source: Gematsu