Returning to Omega in Mass Effect 3 DLC

Mass Effect 3’s main story may be over, but that isn’t stopping Bioware and Electronic Arts from continuing to push out new content that expands the universe. First there was Leviathan, now Omega, a brand new piece of downloadable content that takes place on the annexed rock. Taken control by Cerberus forces, team up with Aria T’Loak, voiced by Carrie-Anne Moss, and take back the craphole that is Omega.

Bioware has released limited amount of details about the scenario, but here’s hoping there’s something that ties into the overall fiction instead of just throwing you into a side story about recapturing a place that’s full of mercenaries and scum. The piece of DLC will be available tomorrow on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, with hopefully a Wii U release sometime down the road.