Sega Removing Fan’s YouTube Videos To Better Promote New Game

Those who had a Shining Force video on YouTube may want to check their accounts today, as Sega has been reported as removing all content on the website related to older games in the “Shining” series. Some channels have been completely shut down, while others have hit with copyright violations.

Considering that most Shining Force videos on YouTube were fan created documents of boss battles and various gameplay, it’s a pretty rotten move. Shining Force isn’t the most popular series (especially in North America), so it seems counter-productive to not only hurt the uploaders, but also fans of the series who prowl YouTube in search of series content to watch. It seems more likely for someone watching a Shining Force video to see the Shining Ark trailer in the related videos or search results then to simply search for it on their own and be unable to find it.

We’ve reached out to Sega for comment on this matter and will update as applicable.

The good news? At least it’ll be easier to find this totally awesome trailer that surely nobody would have watched otherwise:

Thanks to Meicyn for the info.