Hands-On with the Wii U Invisishell

With the Gamepad being a premium device, and something that will likely cost a boat-load of money to replace when they’re sold separately, it makes sense to be a bit paranoid about it. The first thing everyone’s going to want is a screen protector — Hori makes one that’s gotten good reviews so far, while the Invisishell from Rocketfish provides an invisible plastic shell (as the name implies) and a stand to tilt it back on your lap. It’s licensed by Nintendo, and like the BOSS controller shell for the Wii remote, is built so well that it feels like something the company would make on its own.

It latches tightly on the bottom of the system and allows you to access all of the ports on the Gamepad with some perfectly-shaped cutouts. The slightly-textured plastic backing makes it easier to hold onto given the device’s usual glossy finish, although a slightly rubberized grip would be even better. Still, the texture that’s there helps prevent slippage if you’ve got greasy fingers, so if you’re planning on eating a bunch of chips while playing the Wii U, you’ll definitely benefit from this.

The stand on the back allows you to easily place it on a desk or on your lap if you so desire. It’s one of those little things that can make something worth its price, and I’ve already gotten $10 worth of use out of the convenience of being able to rest the Gamepad on my home office desk to play some New SMB U and have Moonshiners playing in the background. It also comes in handy for kicking back on the couch and resting the Gamepad on your stomach.

The only real flaw I’ve found with it is that the plastic raises a bit too high on the top of the unit and makes hitting the L and R buttons a bit tougher. The lack of rounded edges on that section also makes it a bit tougher on the fingers then it should be, so I hope a revision is released down the line that does that. Otherwise, the Invisishell is definitely worth its $10 asking price, and will earn its money back quite easily. The slick surface of the Gamepad makes it very easy to accidentally drop the Gamepad and it’s always a good idea to protect a pricey tablet-like device whenever possible. There’s some room for improvement with the current design, but even with its few problems, it’s impossible to not recommend spending $10 on one.