Wii Mini Coming to Canada

With all the hype about the Wii U this past week, let’s check out something new — yet old. Canadians might have something to look forward to this holiday season, as just in time for Christmas, Nintendo will be releasing the Wii Mini exclusively to the Great White North. The much smaller version will cost $100.00 and comes in slick black, trimmed with bright red. It sits instead of stands — now you don’t have to watch your Wii slowly falling whenever a Gamecube controller is tugged.

Speaking of Gamecube, there are quite a few drawbacks to the system that may deter hardcore gamers, like the Wii Mini not being compatible with its games. It cannot connect online at all; no store, weather, news, online games or even Netflix! So, it’s just going to be used to play games like consoles would back in the day. None of that fancy, gizmo technology. There have been claims of the Wii Mini being able to play more than 1,400 games–which probably means it doesn’t play every Wii game. No need to include that tidbit if all games work with the little guy.

It’s not as if the Wii U’s launch completely wiped the Wii from existence. According to some Black Friday statistics, the Wii consoles outsold the Wii U, at least in the United States. The Mini is the ideal console for kids, who won’t care for anything but the game. No plans yet on the Wii Mini coming to America, so we may have to get Hardcore Gamer’s own Canadian citizen to give us the inside scoop.