Ouya Prototype is Ridiculously Small, Finished & Ready to Ship.

It’s hard to believe that only four months have passed since the Ouya was backed on Kickstarter — and just five since the console was announced — but the hardware will ship this year as promised. Just making that 2012 deadline, on December 28th, Ouyas will leave the factory and arrive in eager developer’s mailboxes worldwide days after. It’s amazing that a product announced in the second half of the year with no funding could ship out hundreds of product the very same year — although, the near ten million dollars raised certainly helped.

To coincide with the shipping news, Ouya posted a picture of multiple staff members holding the very first prototype as seen above. While we saw size comparisons and knew that the console would be small, actually seeing it in the hands of the staff is pretty incredible — so long as it doesn’t turn out the weight requires four people to hold it out of necessity, of course.