Jersey Jack Announces The Hobbit Pinball

Pinball upstart Jersey Jack Pinball, who recently completed work on their The Wizard of Oz machine, have announced their second table to be The Hobbit. Based on the upcoming film, it’s certainly a timely license to secure. As current focus is on WoZ and it’s far too late to make the December 13th release, the pinball machine will be released in summer 2014 and use assets from all three films. ¬†Additionally, a 26″ LCD HD-quality monitor will display scores, movie clips, backglass artwork and more.

The game will be developed in part by Keith Johnson, who created Stern’s popular Lord of the Rings pinball, and comes in two flavors, including a whopping $7,500 limited edition. One of 1,500 units can be secured by placing a $500 deposit before December 15th, when the price will raise to $8,000.

So, unless you have thousands of dollars sitting around, now’s the time to bug your local arcade operator.

Source: Pinball News