New Darksiders II DLC Will Be Available Tomorrow

Darksiders II continues its run of glory with its second significant piece of downloadable content titled ‘The Demon Lord Belial’. In this new side story, significant to the overall plot of the Darksiders franchise, Death learns of rumors that humanity hasn’t completely fallen and looks to find a way to resurrect the third kingdom. Priced at $10 (800 Microsoft Points), or free with the season pass, The Demon Lord Belial will be available tomorrow on the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The question now is, is it worth jumping back to Darksiders II after nearly four months? More content is always better than none, but between August and December, there have been a landslide of blockbuster games to play, and many of which are probably backlogged with most gamers. Hopefully this piece will not be lost in what has been an exciting second half of the year.