Indie Royale Winter Bundle Released

It’s a new season, and while the east coast may be experiencing some unseasonable warmth, great deals are always in season.  The Indie Royale Winter Bundle gives you a beautiful RTS in Greed Corp, a strange-looking 2D take on a literary classic in Hamlet , bit.trip Runner, one of the best fast-paced platformers out there, the strategy game Conquest of Elysium 3, the heavily stylised shoot-em-up Leave Home , and the underwater adventure They Breathe for less than $4.50 presently. Buying the bundle at that price gets you an OST for Leave Home as well as some art and music from They Breathe. Those willing to part with $8 or more for the bundle get Blue Screen’s Protodome album. While there aren’t any single games included that make it a must-buy, it’s a very tempting release for Leave Home and Greed Corp.